About Me

Hi! My name is Mai and I am the creator behind all products Velueur offers!
I graduated UC Santa Cruz with a bachelors of science in biology in May 2018 but wasn't quite sure if I wanted to continue with the field yet so I made the decision to take a little break from my studies. My shop was then founded in June 2018 and had originally been named Velvet Kitten Luxuries (for a few months). I didn't expect this hobby to become a business, but all of your support and kind words pushed me to want to keep creating all the time! So I rebranded my shop to Velueur and I am excited to see where this journey takes me because I have a lot of plans in store!
"Vel" comes from Vel'Koz, which was my favorite champion from League of Legends. 
"Lueur" is French for glow.
If you would like to keep up with my personal life please follow @ArclightV on Instagram!
Huge thank you to my wonderfully supportive family and friends for being there for me while I figure out my life's path.